KSol Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solutions allows you to harness the potential of converged voice and data systems. Being well versed in business requirements and expectations of phone systems we can confidently implement a VoIP based system to fully cater for your businesses needs, without the exorbitant ongoing licence fees associated with advanced services.

Furthermore, if your business has multiple offices/sites we can implement solutions to provide free internal calls to intercompany remote sites over encrypted private circuits that also transports your computer network data. This service is available in Australia and worldwide. Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your exact voice/data requirements.

The Benefits?

  • Lower call rate via VoIP and free calls between your remote offices if applicable
  • Unrestricted licensing to advanced features such as voicemail, call queues, concurrent calls, etc
  • Free vendor software/system updates to continually enhance functionality, security and stability
  • Retain your existing conventional PABX features and enhance your system with enterprise call centre capabilities
  • Unlimited Voicemail users with the free option of messages delivered to your email inbox
  • Computer Telephony Integration allowing users to dial contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Call Distribution to any given number of internal extensions with hunt and next available options
  • Inbound call queues with position announcement for busy systems
  • Customised on hold recording capability for single or separately defined areas of your business
  • Remote access to voicemail via web, email or phone
  • Call recording/monitoring for review and quality assurance
  • Not bound to handset type/brand due to universal SIP IP protocols. We do however recommend certain models/brands for ultimately best results & uniformity
  • Primarily based on server grade hardware for maximum reliability (Based on system budget).
  • All systems meet our stringent quality and up-time standards. We do not provide solutions that we would not use ourselves
  • Full remote access configuration capability, allowing users to make fast changes as required (if access is available)

What's Next?

Harness the power of voice over your IP network! We can design a system for businesses of every size at an affordable rate no matter what size versus a standard PABX guaranteed with the added benefit of highly skilled network/system administrators for your business. Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your exact voice/data requirements.